Episode 15 - Training with Focus

Show Notes

What is focus? Concentration on what you are doing while ignoring outside thoughts 
Types of concentration
   Broad external (look over entire bike route - what is coming up)
   Narrow external (top of the hill)
   Broad internal (checking over the body to see how you are feeling)
   Narrow internal (concentrating on particular feeling or sensation)

Focus during workouts
Most athletes have trouble focusing during workouts
    Fitness is all you need to get better the first few years
    Fitness is all you work on
    Look to fill the “boredom” of workouts with distractions (music / group activities)
What’s the problem? You plateau with fitness only approach
Continued improvement comes from better efficiency ie technique (not a fitness goal)
You have to focus/concentrate on what you are doing to improve technique

Learning to focus
Initial mindset change - we can choose to evaluate our thoughts
We have to have technique goals to work on during the workout
We have to work on concentration
    Have a focus routine (use all the types of concentration)