Coaching Philosophy

Our coaching philosophy is centered around the concept of lifelong performance. First off, we understand the importance of the next race, but coaching shouldn’t just be about the next race. It must keep the bigger picture in mind. That includes the entire year and even multiple years. We don’t force the now at the expense of longevity in the sport. Our program prioritizes the ability to compete and improve relative to your peers throughout life. We make it about creating a lifestyle and not just the results of the next race.

The other half of the equation is performance. We believe performance is found in the nexus of fitness, economy, and mental readiness.

First we strive to improve physical fitness. Research shows that the best training plans contain two types of workouts: challenging workouts that cause adaptations in the athletes and really easy workouts that promote recovery while improving aerobic fitness. What we have found is that most athletes spend the majority of their time in between these two intensities in what we call the junk zone. These are workouts that provide sub optimal adaptations and introduce extensive fatigue. Fatigue that makes it difficult to have high quality workouts that create the adaptations we need to improve performance. It translates into a combination of really easy workouts and difficult ones meant to spur greater fitness. We will remove the junk and replace it with quality workouts.

The second element is economy of motion. The ability to become more efficient. The definition of efficiency is the ratio of the useful work performed to the total energy expended. Simply put going faster at the same effort levels. We have found many times that improving an athlete’s technique and form can make greater gains than improving fitness. We work with our athletes on technique and form so they can maximize efficiency. Getting the most from their god given talents.

The third aspect of performance is mental readiness. We work with our athletes to help them clear their minds of the clutter that hinders performance and focus on execution. We work on keeping a positive dialog and avoiding the negative thought spirals that poison races. Most importantly we work to instill a belief in yourself. A belief that will allow you to move mountains and reach your personal goals.

"Our job as coaches is to help athletes to have fun, be safe, and obtain the most from themselves."

- Brian Schenkenfelder