Bike Group

If you are new to biking and need some pointers, help with clipping in and out, unsure about going down steep hills, or any other riding skill you can think of, we are here to help! We've all been a beginner at some point, and can walk you through the learning process to gain the skills necessary to enjoy bike riding to the fullest.

We have a Saturday morning ride for beginners to help them make them make the adjustment to group riding. We go as fast as those who show up and no one is ever dropped.

On Sunday’s there is an advanced ride for more experienced riders. It is a much longer ride containing many of the serious climbs in Franklin and surrounding coutnies. We don't shy away from the hills in this group, we seek them out!

If you can't make either of these rides don't worry. We are thinking about adding some more rides this year.

For times, please check back here after Daylight Saving Time in the spring and keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates.

Note: We are also the July meeting spot for the Monday night BlueGrass Cycling Club rides.